Have you ever wondered if you are getting enough sleep?

I know that when I don’t get the right amount of sleep, I’m a cranky bear! So, what it the right amount of sleep? In the modern world there seems to be an energy shortage and I’m not talking about electricity or petrol. I’m talking about the walking zombies called people! When we aren’t eating properly, are under too much stress or not getting enough sleep, we can end up in adrenal fatigue. In order to cope so we can make it through the day we have to “whip” our adrenals by drinking coffee or energy drinks.

So what do we do? A good place to start is eliminating stressors, cutting out sugary and acidic foods and of course, get enough good, high quality sleep.

According to one study, adults who say they sleep between seven and eight hours per night miss fewer work days due to sickness than others, according to a Finnish study.

What do you think?