Fibromyalgia is a painful syndrome that can include muscle pain, fatigue and multiple tender points across the neck, shoulders, mid and lower back. Around 90% of those who suffer from fibromyalgia are women.  Fibromyalgia pain is considered when a person has a history of pain for more than 3 months, in all four quadrants of the body. The quadrants are to the left and right of the spine and above and below the waist. There are also 18 classically described tender points on the body associated with fibromyalgia. In order to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia a person must have at least 11 out of the 18 tender spots.

Treating Fibromyalgia With Chiropractic

Maintaining Mobility

Chiropractic adjusting and spinal stretches are imperative in treating fibromyalgia. Because the trigger points associated with fibromyalgia cause the muscles to tighten up, patients can experience loss of overall spinal range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments also relieve nerve irritation which is thought to be a key cause of fibromyalgia.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are often confused with “tender points.” They are not the same. A trigger point needs firm pressure to elicit pain, while tender points are painful with even very light pressure. Trigger points will refer pain to other areas of the body, whereas tender points will not. Unlike tender points, trigger points can occur in isolation and represent a source of radiating pain, even in the absence of direct pressure. People with fibromyalgia almost always have a combination of the two – trigger points and tender points – and can improve dramatically with light trigger point therapy.

Trigger point therapy for fibromyalgia is much like trigger point therapy for low back pain, neck pain or headaches. The points are the same. The difference is just intensity. Since the muscles in patients with fibromyalgia are easily injured and take longer to heal, it is necessary to use less pressure on their trigger points.

Cold Laser Therapy

Since poor healing of muscle tissue and chronic pain are characteristic traits of fibromyalgia, laser therapy is an important part of any treatment plan. Two of the major benefits of cold laser therapy is stimulation of tissue healing and decreased sensations of pain.

A 1997 study of 846 people with fibromyalgia reported in the Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine and Surgery demonstrated that two-thirds of the patients experienced improved pain and mobility with cold laser therapy. Another study published in Rheumatology International in 2002, showed that those who received laser therapy had a significant improvement in pain, fatigue and morning stiffness.

At Laguna Bay Chiropractic in Noosaville, we use a class 3b cold laser for treatment of fibromyalgia with great results. The combination of chiropractic, trigger point therapy and cold laser as worked wonders for our patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Due to the nature of fibromyalgia, regular care is essential to treating and maintaining the comfort levels of our patients with fibromyalgia.


Get plenty of sleep. Perform at least 3o minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Use good posture. Avoid inflammatory foods (sugary, acidic, processed foods).

Why see us for your fibromyalgia?

Dr. Travis Davis, the primary chiropractor at Laguna Bay Chiropractic of Noosa, is a fibromyalgia specialist. He has the experience, expertise and has invested in the best technology available to care for your fibromyalgia. Dr. Davis prides himself in giving 110% and “going the extra mile” for his patients. You can rest assured that when visiting Laguna Bay Chiropractic, you are not simply the next patient in line or a number. We care about your well being and giving you the results that you need and frankly, are paying for. If you are needlessly suffering from fibromyalgia, pick up the phone and call Laguna Bay Chiropractic now. You’ll be glad you did!